Home Decor and Improvement

Tile? Check. Wine? Check Please!

Is it so wrong that I am super excited that new bathroom tile has been ordered? After several stores, we finally found “the one”.  We wanted ivory/cream hexagon tile, for our country, vintage bath, and we got just that. That, and a glass of wine. 

I love you, tile. I really, really, love you.

I think we’ve done really well so far with all of our choices, but the tile was proving to be more difficult. There is so much out there to see. And such a swing in price, depending on the material. I can see how home renovations can get out hand. And for me, whose head gets abuzz with ideas on a minute by minute  basis, that can be dangerous. Luckily, I married someone sensible. Yin to my Yang.  

The last place we stopped at today was the charm. Store was stocked with product, the sales people knew their product (and even what they could get a hold of), and were genuinely nice to deal with. Funny thing too: their order counter with bar stools made it feel like a bar.

We were placing our tile order and as I sat at the counter, I joked that I felt like I should order a drink. After naming everything they had in stock (and I mean alcohol, not tile), Lou asked me to name my potion. I thought he was joking and said I’d have wine. After he disappeared around a corner, he returned with a plastic cup, and a bottle of white in one hand, red in the other. One cup of wine later? Tile ordered.

Only in NY, folks. Only in NY.

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