Home Decor and Improvement

Days Three and Four: Making it Right

We love watching Mike Holmes (of HGTV fame) rip apart the work of fellow Canadian contractors, but it has been more of a treat to see our contractor and the professionals he teams with in action. Because they’re making our lives and home safe, and you can’t put a price tag on that.

The last few days have been super busy – Ricky (the electrician) and Andy (the plumber) haven’t walked off the job yet (although I’ve wanted to).  They and Keith have worked long and hard since project start, often putting in 16 hour-plus days. And the last few days have also not been without their setbacks, complication, and irritations. Every step of the process has brought a challenge, but if it hasn’t been resolved already, it will be soon.

[Busy Crab Note: The average homeowner probably can’t tell  a lot by the attached gallery, but I assure you: these pictures show a tamed electrical and plumbing jungle.]

Ricky put in too many hours to count. Wiring has been organized, re-run, ripped out, protected and installed to code, a concept clearly not understood by the former owners.  The wiring above the tub for two tiny pot lights, the fan line (never had one in there despite the fact that the place was covered in wood), and line above the medicine cabinet are also all in place.

Plumbing too has been cleaned up, including that for the upstairs bathroom — if you remember in prior pictures, it was the culprit behind our peaked roof. Now, angled properly and tucked in between rafters, Andy’s plumbing mastery allows Keith to raise the ceiling of the bathroom to 8 feet. Shut-off valves have been replaced and moved into more logical locations, and pipe connections have been re-soldered. Now, what shocks me when I open up the kitchen sink cabinet isn’t that there isn’t a new leak, but that pipes are neatly and intentionally placed.

The pièce de résistance? Our new soaker tub, a splurge — get a look at this baby (Basa, by Bain Ultra)! Keith still has to build a “wall” on the front-face that will provide the base for beadboard. A long, beautiful bath beckons me. *Sigh*

OK, back to reality. There’s plenty more to do. We must address the kitchen sooner rather than later to eradicate most, if not all, of the remaining plumbing/electrical nightmares. But we’re definitely on the right track, and that’s a pretty important step in protecting us and our investment.

If Mike Holmes had visited the site in the last three days I’m sure he would have said: “That doesn’t do anything for me.” Me too, Mike. Me too. But, we’re makin’ it right!

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