Home Decor and Improvement

Days Five and Six: ‘Rockin’ It!

It truly is a wonderful thing when a room that you completely gutted begins to look like a room again. Taking down walls was cathartic, but the horror that lay beneath was nightmarish. Happily, we’re feeling good again, as our little-bathroom-that-could finally has walls again.

Electrical and plumbing aside, this is most tangible improvement thus far. Seems silly to get so excited about Durock cement board and Sheetrock, but clearly a major improvement.  I almost wept this afternoon when Keith cleared everything out to start taping and spackling. 

[Busy Crab Note: Those pics will be posted for Day Seven’s update, along with anything else completed by day’s end. We have a minor plumbing adjustment to make, moving over the lead bend (yes, that is a term!) so that we position tub and sink and sink and toilet equally.]

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