The Crafty Crab

This Table’s Got Game

A few years back, Jim and I absconded with a wrought iron Singer sewing machine base from a yard sale. It had an awful plank top on it, but I was so happy to find the base. I think the seller actually forgot she had it out for sale.

How it all started: Singer sewing machine base. Sleeping dogs were not included in the purchase.

A short time later, I located a chess board tabletop. The wood top was very unique and had been made in a High School woodshop in NYC, according to a stamp on the underside.

Chessboard closeup. Up for a game?

We had someone professionally restore the tabletop and mount it to the wrought iron base, but during that process, the base was inadvertently cracked. For a while we still used it in our den as a game table (although I don’t ever think we ever actually played a game at it) and later in the dining room.

Tabletop was refinished and mounted by Howie at Creative Furniture Restoration in Hicksville, NY.

During the last remodeling project, we decided to discard the cracked base and instead try to convert the tabletop into a coffee table. We needed a second one anyway, as we’d just created an informal living room off the kitchen and were temporarily using an ottoman.

I was able to purchase unfinished turned pine 17″ legs. I then had the same vendor craft a custom table apron (or, skirt) based on the dimensions of the chess board top.

I took measurements of the interior dimensions for the custom table apron/skirt.
Setting up the legs and apron.

The legs and apron attached in a few steps with only a handful of tools, I painted the legs and part of the underside,  and voila — instant coffee table!

A drill and wrench were all the tools I needed.

I love that I’ve been able to get a second life out of the table, and I think I like this version better.

Meant to be.

I’ve got big plush pillows that can be used around it for an impromptu game of Scrabble or movie and pizza night. Now, off to find some whimsical chess pieces…

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