The Crafty Crab

Here Comes the Sun

I’ve been running around for several weekends now trying to dismantle an old brick patio and rebuild a new paver patio. It may or may not have killed us. But, it’s done. And we did most of it. Aside maybe for that really important part – the leveling. We didn’t trust our skills, and seeing as how it’s the single most important part of laying a new patio, we hired someone to do it. But we really did the rest. And know what? it’s Bee-yoo-tiful!


In the meantime, I’ve had end of June obligations on the brain: I’ve got a fair this Sunday (Market at the Milleridge), and a big one next Saturday, the Artisan Craft and Adoption Fair at Bideawee (both organized by JGA Creations) in Westhampton, NY.

Oh, yeah, and I’m now a monthly contributor at Die Cut Crazy Mag. Two new projects were submitted in the last week — hope they get picked for July publication!

July_DCC_Cont2 July_DCC_Cont2-2 UpUpAway3

Yeah. I’m keeping busy. Hope you are too!

Oh, and Happy Summer!

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