About & Contact Info

I’ve been crafting with fabric and  paper for several years, and even had an Etsy shop for a while where I sold cards, tags, and fabric banners. Crafting is cathartic, therapeutic, and I love creating HAPPY, for special days and every day. The shop and Facebook page are currently closed as I reassess where I want to take my crafting.

I have a whirlwind of creative genes hopping about under my shell and sometimes, it’s often hard to turn the “idea hopper” off. Know what I mean, crafters?!

Some things I just wasn’t meant to do.


  1. You probably won’t find me white water rafting; but flat water kayaking? Yes!
  2. Scuba diving in shark infested waters? Hell, no! But, snorkeling off a beach or reef where I just happen to see a manta ray or shark? I’m SO OK with that!

Anything else that requires using some sort of craft tool or medium? I’m game! Lemme at it!

I’ve also grown to really enjoy cooking and love seeing others enjoy what I’ve made (even if it IS an experiment!). I get a real sense of accomplishment when I pull it off. Don’t you?

I’m hoping I’ll get to share some interesting things with you, and that you have fun, looking, learning and creating made by YOU!

Have a question? Would like me to create something custom for you? You can contact me in a variety of ways — isn’t social media great?!

  • Instagram: TheCountryCrab
  • Email: thecountrycrab@verizon.net

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